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Admiral Bath has combined over 65 years of an honest, reliable approach to home improvement. We keep shower pans in stock for emergency installs. SAVE HUGELY TODAY!

Tub to Shower Conversions

We will turn your tub system into an accessible shower system in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner using materials that will last!

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Tub or Shower Replacements

Admiral Bath is pleased to offer two different styles of five-foot acrylic replacement tubs. These tubs are constructed from non-porous, mildew resistant acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass and structural foam for improved durability and sound deadening.

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Wainscoating and Wall Surrounds

Admiral Bath Wall Systems go right over the customer’s existing tile or substrate from floor to ceiling with virtually no demolition or mess. The joints to these wall panels are sealed with 100% color- matched silicone sealant with antimicrobial protection. Unlike other companies, Prime Baths will not install a wall system over a wall that is not structurally sound. Any and all repairs are made to the substrate by our certified technicians before acrylic panels are mounted.

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Since 1993

Why High-Density Acrylic

• Non-porous and mildew resistant surface
• As easy to clean as spray and wipe
• Acid and alkalai resistant
• Impact resistant
• Aesthetically pleasing high gloss luster
• Renewable surface, easily repaired
• Keeps the water hot up to 4 times longer than a steel or cast iron tub
• UV stabilized, will never bleach, yellow, or fade
• Long lasting durability

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